A few different images and editing styles of that lovely rock from my last post at the entrance to Arthur River, on Tasmania’s North West Coast.

As I said in my introductory post, we picked the worst/BEST day to drive down the coast! Photography wise, conditions were ideal with the wind whipping the swell into a frenzy and the sun dancing on the waves through gaps in the clouds.

This amazingly rugged coastline is landfall for the longest uninterrupted stretch of ocean in the world! The west coast of Tasmania is battered by the “roaring forties” winds which travel from Patagonia south America.

The wind and currents sweep unimpeded more than halfway around the planet, more than 16000km away untouched by land until they reach these shores. Claimed to have the cleanest air in the world, it is a pretty special place!

Olympus/OM Digital Solutions OM1: Olympus 75-300 f4.8-6.7 II ED MSC

Thanks for visiting, I hope your enjoying our trip as much as we did. Coming up, we head further south towards Temma, still on day one!

14 thoughts on “Arthur River

    1. Thanks Anita, the first shot (after the post header) is in colour … barely edited as it appeared, though there’s not much colour except for the brown tannin stained water if you look around. The next shot I did punch the colour vibrancy and contrast. The last is mono and edited with high contrast, I wanted the rock as a silhouette and I pulled back the highlight to preserve the light in the sea spray. Editing done from RAW with DxO 6 and good old Photoshop CS6.

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    1. I think the ferry did stop operating at one stage but is up and running again, though reduced hours in winter. We didn’t venture down to Corinna, but the next day we did the Tarkine loop with a few short walks … which will I will be posting when I get to editing them … I took way too many photos as usual and so far, there are a LOT of keepers!! The NW Coast is amazing 😀

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