Franklin River

*Not related to drones at all, infact, I couldn’t fly it inside the National Park.
Well, I could have, but I didn’t. I did think about it, but I didn’t. Damn rules.

Franklin River Rafting trip Feb23-Mar3, 2019.
Located in World Heritage Wilderness Area, South West Tasmania, Australia

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Delve into “the leech ridden ditch” that nearly got drowned.
One of the few remaining truly wild rivers on the planet
almost completely untouched by human activity.

View a full screen slideshow HERE,
then simply click on the three dots at top right and choose “slideshow” 🙂

DAY ONE video HERE – more will be added as I edit them.
DAY TWO video – more highlights, less fluff.
DAY THREE video – into the Great Ravine.
DAY FOUR video – to Rafter’s Basin.
DAY FIVE video – on to Rock Island Bend and beyond …
DAY SIX video – the Lower Franklin and kutikina Cave.

If you made it this far lol, the graph shows the water levels of the Franklin before and during our trip (black underline). We had perfect levels for an easy trip, the weather was fantastic, a great bunch of fella’s that became great mates, with our two guides “Low water” Leon and Johnny Rockhopper”, who instilled confidence from the get-go, cooked up an amazing array of goodness from thin air,  A big thank you to Franklin River Rafting for a well organised trip, fantastic gear and not a thing was overlooked. If you get a chance, do it! I’d highly recommend these guys 🙂

Happy Birthday 50th Lucas!! Without you this would not have happened, truly one of the absolute best weeks of my life, thank you. I think the photo of me grinning in front of Rock Island Bend speaks for it’s self – as do they all. Grin my friend, you did it!

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