DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Phantom3 S modified

I Purchased a second hand Phantom 3 Standard in February 2017 and have just sold it as I don’t use it since buying the Mavic Air.
Everything fits in a hard shell backpack – Upgraded antennas on craft and ITELITE DBS range extender antenna ($160 new) on controller and tablet/phone mount, two batteries ($100 each new) – one probably only 10 flights, set of 6 PGYTECH Neutral Density filters ($99 new) for better video.

New body sprayed matt black – easier to see against clouds, (never crashed, engine mounts had cracked which is a common problem) new reinforced aluminium engine mounts and lots of glue to strengthen weak area – old shell has been fixed for a spare.
Pre-Flight Checklist:

Check safe place to fly & level ground
Check Batteries on Craft, Remote and Tablet.

Props on & check
Check Battery, insert
Remove gimbal clamp, check free
Check Micro SD inserted

Attach antenna
Mount tablet
Right SW up in P mode
Left switch middle

1. power on controller – CHECK BATTERY
2. Power on Tablet
3. UAV battery press then hold – CHECK BATTERY
4. Tablet Wi fi PHANTOM3_061F82
5. DJI GO app Connect PW 12341234 enter camera view

Compass Calibration:
– toggle right switch 3x or use app – from LED yellow flash to solid when ready …
– craft upright rotate 360 degrees – LED’s green
– craft nose down rotate 360 degrees – LED’s flashing yellow
Solid red LED’s = fail to calibrate.
RED and Yellow flash is abnormal – move craft.

Check GPS lock 6+
Check new Home Point saved – fast green UAV LED’s
Check RTH altitude for obstacles
Move sticks down and together to start motors [DO NOT DO IN MID FLIGHT]

xx Hold throttle down and hold for 3 sec to stop motors

Check battery levels during flight

Link RC – P Position Mode
initiate RTH – A Atti Mode
Reset WiFi – F Function Mode for IOC

RTH – quickly toggle left switch up and down twice.
Cancel – change flight mode – toggle right switch.
UAV will auto descend if withinn 20m homepoint!!!

UAV lights:
RGY flashes – turning on, self test
GY flashes- warming up
G slow – safe to fly with GPS
Y slow – safe to fly with NO GPS (Atti)
Y quick – Remote signal lost
R slow – Low battery
R fast – critical battery
R flash alternates – IMU error
R solid – Critical error
RY flashes – calibrate compass

Phantom3 controller

Phantom3 Backpack.jpg

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