TasView: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Welcome to TasView, showcasing photography by Tone Bacon, born in Hobart on the beautiful island of Tasmania, at the southern edge of the world!

Your host, Tone Bacon – ready for anything!

Launched in 2014 after many problems with my first UAV, this site originally focused on sharing drone troubleshooting, technical information, tips and a place to display my aerial video and photography.

From 2020, content broadened to include my land-based photography previously branded as edgetas. It made sense to consolidate my images under one name – TasView, a blog primarily showcasing Tasmania, its unique qualities and diversity and perhaps encourage more commercial / professional work.

To keep things interesting, I hope each new post surprises the reader as much as me! I don’t limit myself to any particular genre, I love the diversity and challenge of many photographic styles and editing techniques (Fine Art Photography) – only constrained by my imagination, knowledge, budget and gear. I also love tinkering with electronics and gadgets so for me, getting a camera in the air on a drone I built was an awesome opportunity to capture images from another viewpoint.

Tone Bacon – studio self-portrait.

Photography motivates me to explore the world around me. I love to find waterfalls and fungi in muddy creeks deep in the bush, find beauty in stark architecture, literally chase light – across a mountain or someone’s face and I’m constantly trying to improve every outcome, both technical and artistic. I think that is why photography has kept me interested for so long, you can really never know it all and it often surprises and challenges you.

I rarely take photos for anyone else, I do it because I love it. However, I hope they bring joy to others and maybe inspire you to pick up a camera, and give it a shot!

Tone Bacon – let’s go crazy! Post-edit composite.

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TasView acknowledges and pays deep respect to the palawa/pakana (Tasmanian Aboriginal) people of lutruwita (Tasmania) who have cared for this land for more than 2,000 generations and continue to do so. We remember and honour the original inhabitants of lutruwita past, present and future and respect their rich cultural heritage.