Hubsan X4

The little Hubsan X4 107D is a great little quad for practice

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With built in FPV and inexpensive parts, it’s very small so you can use indoors and is great fun outdoors – but beware the wind! There are also cheaper versions without a camera fitted.
The Hubsan is harder to fly than larger drones with GPS as it’s light and has no GPS which makes for good practice as you need to be quick to react with the sticks to keep it stable and in the air. If you come unstuck you have a lot less to lose and makes flying this a lot of fun!
It’s quite tough with arms that will snap out and can easily be clipped back in before they will break. I would recommend getting plenty of extra props! – even with the optional propguard fitted they are prone to damage. Pretty much every part of the quad can be bought as a spare and a “crash kit” is available – search ebay. Larger 500 mHa batteries are also available for longer flight times, the supplied 380mAh battery gives around 5 mins flight time and takes around an hour to charge.
The controller with the 107D is surprisingly good given the price and has normal and expert modes. The 720p compressed video is not great quality but its all built in and good enough for FPV practice. A good set of batteries in the transmitter helps. A microSD fits into the TX rather than the UAV so recording quality is dependent on video signal strength, but at least if you lose the craft, you don’t lose the video! There are a few video’s on youtube showing mods and upgrades which makes this little quad extremely good bang for buck!
Here’s a couple of videos taken by the Hubsan:

Hubsan X-4 107D  – Mike’s perspective

Firstly, be careful and do not fly near people or pets  – this little machine can still cause injury.
Its not a bad little craft to learn “Stick Control” – it flies well, but is totally intolerant to wind in my opinion, this is a machine I would only fly on the calmest of days.
I had already had years of RC aircraft experience before getting into the Phantom 2 Vision Plus, so I did not really use the HUBSAN as a trainer, so I cannot give much of an opinion on weather or not it is a good trainer, a lot of people out there say it is, some say it is not. Personally I think it’s a great little machine, but it is what it is. Mines certainly been reliable and I’ve had a lot of fun just mucking about with it, but as I noted earlier, do not fly it near people or pets, the props can still cause injury. What I do have to bring to the forum is the method I store and transport and calibrate mine.
This is the storage and carrying compartment I transport mine in, which contains spare batteries – four AA’s, four Hubsan batteries, tools and a heap of props, four motors, spare micro SD cards and the HUBSAN X-4 its self.
hubsan box 1
hubsan box 2
When out in the field the Hubsan needs a level surface to calibrate, the top of the container is perfectly flat and added to it is a spirit level glued down to the lid, a great surface to set up on and calibrate before liftoff and also a great platform to liftoff from.

hubsan box 3

The Hubsan FPV controller I use a padded bag to transport it in. I also purchased from the bargain outlet store a $2 ipad screen protector, carefully measured the Hubsan screen and cut out a perfect screen protector for the Hubsan FPV screen. Warning – do not put too much pressure on your Hubsan FPV screen, just a tip. Also the red marker is there just to bring my attention to hit record for videoing flights.


 And finally I throw these over my shoulder and carrying the Hubsan is easy as.


Happy Flying
And remember safety first and to read our legal disclaimer here.

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