Rafting the Franklin River

In 1996 I took a “once in a lifetime” white water rafting trip down one of the worlds few remaining truly wild and uninhabited rivers, located in the remote World Heritage Wilderness Area, South West Tasmania, Australia.

In February last year, I was offered a spot on a private trip and jumped at the chance to go down “The Ditch” for the second time!

It’s an experience you never forget and no words really do it justice. Even the photos and video struggle to convey the complete immersion in absolutely untouched stunning beauty – around every corner, all around you. Everywhere you look, it is like living in a postcard! “Boringly beautiful”.

My friend and neighbor Evan and I were hoping to do it again next February with our “kids”, but with finances upset by Covid, it will likely be in 2022.

View the Franklin River page with 80 images and the Franklin River video playlist totaling 80 minutes of footage from the trip!

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