While editing the first image below, I noticed curiously large slabs of fossil in the rocks. This is still at the entrance of Arthur River, North West Tasmania.

The next three images are cropped (100% zoom) from the first image above, look about and notice the wavy patters that the light is hitting on some rocks, there’s quite a lot of them! I wish I had noticed this while I was there.

While my editing imagination saw what looked like fish in the rocks, I’m pretty sure it’s more likely some form of ancient seaweed like kelp embedded in the rock, or maybe just the preserved ancient sea floor – but I’m no expert. Curious though, just the same.

14 thoughts on “Fossil Find

    1. Thanks, I’m using DxO 6 now to edit RAW images before importing into Photoshop, they come up nice and sharp, even cropped at 100% size. A little more work, but well worth the effort.


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