Mountain mono magnified

A few mono landscapes taken with the 70-300mm zoom, taken over the last few weeks.

Mist rolling though the trees on the opposite side of the valley
kunanyi Organ Pipe detail 1
kunanyi Organ Pipe detail 2
kunanyi Organ Pipe detail 3
O’gradys Falls on Hobart Rivulet, kunanyi foothills
West Hobart homes with mountain snow backdrop.

I’ve never had a lens this long before, I love the effect it has flattening depth in landscape images. I’ve always wanted to try shots like these, it’s a treat to be able to reach compositions I otherwise couldn’t without heavy cropping.

19 thoughts on “Mountain mono magnified

  1. Very beautiful photos, Tone! I’m surprised you haven’t tried a longer lens before. I have a 200mm Nikkor and a 140mm Nikkor, they are great lenses.

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    1. Thanks John, I had a 200mm zoom for the Nikon – this Olympus MFT 70-300 is equivalent to a full frame 140-600mm so much longer reach! It’s taken some practice to look at a bird and bring the camera/lens up to the eye and have the bird in the frame.

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      1. I mostly shoot handheld, the OM image stabilisation is surprisingly good! I found a hiking pole with a thread under the handle to screw a camera on and use as a monopod, very handy on walks and lighter than my tripod.


    1. Thanks Anneli, fun indeed! I like to mix things up and experiment – as you can probably tell – to keep it interesting. It’s great to finally have decent gear, even though my lenses are mostly on the budget end, definitely getting a much higher hit rate of keepers – which is actually making it tougher selecting which one’s to publish – a good problem to have 😀

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      1. It makes such a difference having a decent camera. I’m nowhere near the level you’re at in photography, but I remember feeling a huge change when I got a better camera, and it became a lot more fun trying to get a good picture rather than just snapping any old thing. You’re an inspiration.

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      2. “An inspiration”! Thanks for stroking my tiny ego, it means a lot 😀 Using cheap entry-level cameras taught me so much on how to achieve an idea or desired outcomes manually, sometimes I miss that challenge when it can nearly all be done in-camera now, but that still presents different challenges. Digital has certainly made it easier and more fun to improve faster with instant feedback!

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    1. Thank you 😀 A clear atmosphere helps with sharpness in the long shots. I’ve taken many photos of O’Gradys Falls – always the whole waterfall, I had an idea to try a close cropped shot and walked up there before work just to get it 🙂

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, lovely clear atmosphere here the last few weeks helps with the sharpness of the longer shots.
      Unless it’s REALLY hot where you are, I’m not sure you would want to sit under the waterfall – the water comes from snow melt off the Mountain – it’s very cold -even a mermaid’s tail would turn blue!!


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