Fungi perspective

(5 pics) – A change from birds, some red fungi …

The image above was taken with the Olympus 75-300 f4.8-6.7 II ED MSC lens about 120cm away at 300mm. Below is the same fungi but I used the wide angle Laowa 7.5mm f2.0 about 5cm away from the fungi.

I used the OM-1 but they are single shots and not focus stacked – the Laowa is manual focus only but has a great depth of focus. While the fungi was pretty small, these images above are better referred to as close-ups rather than macro.

It was a bit of an experiment just to see what the 300mm was capable of for close-ups, even with the OM-1’s great image stabilization, it is a challenge holding the lens still enough for close shots like this.

The following two shots of another fungi were taken recently with the Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro lens. These images are made up of 15 photos – each at different focal points “stacked” or layered together in camera to increase the area in focus in the image because the depth of focus is so shallow.

And lastly, here’s a surprise! My friendly garden Gnome Graham has grown his own fungi, I caught him out and about watering it. This photo is truly not a set-up, it’s how I found them 😀

Thanks for visiting, always be open to changing your perspective on things 😀

26 thoughts on “Fungi perspective

    1. Hello and thank you. I’ve seen a few different varieties of red ones here, the one’s pictured are only around 7mm across. I would not eat them or even try, I just assume they are poisonous and I like my kidneys 😀

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      1. Lol, you Americans should learn how to spell – and go metric – and drive on the left side of the road!!! 😀 Lucky we’re all different.


    1. Thanks Mark, the longer lens does flatten out the image depth, I like that effect for landscape and streetscape. I have some of the mountain with that lens to post and a few ideas for shooting Hobart streets with it 😀

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  1. wow. that’s a bright one!



    1. Thanks Graham, I actually had to under expose and reduce the saturation from the shot image to get more detail as the colour was just too strong and blown out. The fungi has a velvety texture to it.

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    1. It is such a bright and vivid red I had to underexpose and drop back the saturation to get the detail back into the image, it is very close to how they look but they are only small and often grow under ferns so not easy to spot. Lucky I have Graham tending to my own patch!! 😀

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  2. You amaze me with all the beautiful coloured fungi you have. Is that something special to Tassie? Or am I just not observant when it comes to fungus. I love the close-up shots, that’s what I do with my art.
    When I say Graham the Gnome (in my head) I pronounce the G – both of them. Isn’t he a clever little gardener!

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    1. Thank you Sandra, it is very easy to walk past fungi and not see them even when your aware and looking! Same with orchids, but once you see one or two, your eyes seem to start seeing more.
      Graham was a gift from my Mum when we moved in, she was a keen gardener too. He hangs out near the cubbyhouse 😀

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