Yellow Wattlebird

The Yellow Wattlebird occurs only in Tasmania and is Australia’s largest honeyeater. It is active and noisy. The call of this species is a mixture of gargling and coughing noises, audible over long distances.

I’ve noticed when it’s not busy feeding on the flowers, it will often perch up high and protect it’s patch by chasing away smaller honey-eaters.

32 thoughts on “Yellow Wattlebird

    1. Thanks Michael, after some experimenting – and a little good luck, It’s good to have dialled in the new camera and lens combo, but playing around in DxO PhotoLab has been a surprising break-through in image quality!

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  1. The gargling and coughing probably comes from the honey sticking in his throat 🙂
    I especially like the fifth photo, with the wings open against a light background. Beautiful and tack sharp!
    What a peculiar bird!


    1. Ha! You’re probably right, he gets his fair share of nectar when he’s not busy chasing off the other birds. I got a bit of luck with that shot, lovely amount of wing movement with the shutter speed while his head stayed nice and sharp. Editing in DxO helped with noise and sharpness too, I’ve only been using it a few weeks, getting familiar and liking it a whole lot!

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      1. Unfortunately not something I can use, after years of working in IT on Windows servers I hated Windows – and now, retired, I’ve been working on Linux for several years now – Kubuntu 22.04 more specifically – and on an antique (12 years old) Dell portable.
        For development I mainly use RawTherapee and Darktable.

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      2. Interesting! I have always fancied trying Linux and dabbled a few times over many years even as recently as two years ago when I tried a few different installs from USB boot drives but I just never quite got there. I guess just the initial time required to jump on that leaning curve to tech freedom.

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  2. What magnificent photos of a beautiful bird. We use to get wattle birds in our suburban backyard in Melbourne and they loved the kangaroo paw. We moved to 25 acres near Mansfield in 2017 and now have the most wonderful array of birds around us. We have just booked in for a bird watching session later this month through our local Landcare Group. Maybe some photo ops! Lynn

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    1. Thank you Lynn! It’s great to have some space around you, 25 acres is a real privilege but also a responsibility to look after. It’s good to hook up with the local Landcare group for education and support, I hope you get some great shots. If you are after a tip or two, use a high shutter speed of at least 1/800 and take lots of shots with continuous auto focus. And of course add a pinch of luck!

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      1. The only problem with living in paradise others want to too and will pay any price for it. You are probably seeing that happening in Tassie. Enjoy your piece of paradise too! We love Tassie.


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