Sunday Session

(7 pics) – Bernie B Bruce entertained us on Sunday afternoon at the Bellerive Waterfont Hotel with some classic Rock and Country. Here’s a few shots of him enjoying his brand new axe, a lovely cherry red Gibson Les Paul Classic.

You can find and listen to a couple of Bernie Bruce originals on Spotify.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Session

  1. That guitar must cost a fortune. I remember a song sung by Les Paul and Mary Ford, from way back when I was a little girl. It was called Vaya Con Dios, and I just loved it. Still do. I didn’t know then that Les Paul would be so famous for his guitars.

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    1. Hi Anneli, he paid more for it than my OM1 camera, but I expect the old original Les Paul’s would be worth even more! I just put your song on Spotify – it’s there! I probably listened to it as a kid too, my Dad’s kind of music, my tastes are quite different and varied, but hey, the guitar in the song sounds brilliant!! 😀

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    1. I think even more so!! If you have Spotify, look up Bernie Bruce, he has two originals – A long time Coming and Before It all Starts Again. I will add a link to the bottom of the post 😀


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