Birds and bees …

(11 pics)The Birds

Lady Bird – Female Scarlet Robin
Gentleman Bird – Male Scarlet Robin
Grey Fantail – a new species for me and the valley.

and the Bees

Well, close, a European Wasp. Not that close thanks!

and the Flowers …


and the Trees …

Mmm, ordinarily strange trees … and a blurry raven …
Last leaf …
Yep, that tree …
Not looking good, I taped the area off today for safety

And ME!

Shaveless selfie – I’m growing an organic scarf and hat!
No holes in the hat either which is great 😀
I took the selfie inside this …

Getting creative in the bush! I didn’t go to that much trouble, found this shelter. Maybe it’s a Bettong nest 😜

I hope you enjoyed this random eclectic collection of recent Pen-f shots (except the wasp) that kind of just fell together into this weird post. Cheers from Tassie 😀

14 thoughts on “Birds and bees …

  1. I looked up Bettong in ‘Bush Heritage Australia’ – and now understand that they are or were once important ‘ecological engineers’ by digging out burrows and burying leaf litter in the process. That’s Australia – only small pockets of them left. What’s the situation where you are?

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    1. I only discovered that they live in my area (South Hobart, Mt Wellington foothills) a few months ago when we spotted two – my neighbour almost ran over one – mountain biking at night! One stayed still long enough to identify it properly in the bush behind my property. Until then I thought they were only on the East Coast of Tassie and Bruny Island, so a welcome sighting. Feral cats (and irresponsible owners of domestic cats) are probably their biggest threat down here.


  2. I also had to google bettong; learned something new! Great bird photos! The “strange” trees and raven photo is really cool. What sort of tree is that? Like the opening scene of a gothic film. Hydrangeas still blooming as the last leaf falls off; another mystery. 🙂

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    1. Hi Morgaine, I didn’t know much about Bettongs either, interesting how they carry nesting material with their tail – sounds like a joke!
      I’m not sure what the trees with raven are, I spotted them in the burbs recently working on an upcoming project.
      Hydrangeas I took a few weeks ago, they are spent now – the wasp months ago, and the leaf last weekend.
      A mix of odd pics that had nothing to go with, 😀

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  3. Beautiful! I have admiration for people taking pictures of birds (and know their names ☺️). Your one leaf left on the tree is lovely … a reminder that there’s always colour, even if it’s winter!

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    1. Thanks, I generally like to learn about the things I photograph and have never seen a Grey Fantail here in nearly 30 years! We also get Magpies here now, another new-comer only in the last two or three years. Climate change – habitat destruction? I’m not sure why they are coming to our valley now.
      The red leaf was in the suburbs but instantly caught my eye!

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  4. Even though I’m never keen on winter, less leaves on the trees gives views of birds and flowers we never see much, hear the twittering in the leafy trees but can’t pinpoint so easily.
    Thanks for sharing

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    1. Thanks Catherine, just as I finished typing my previous reply to you, a Visit NZ ad came on the Telly!! I’ve planted mostly natives around our home in the bush to attract birds so the don’t loose leaves in winter. At least the days will get longer again now 😀

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