Snow to surf

(Six images) – Seven Mile Beach Point. A spot I have surfed while there was snow on Signal Hill not far above the shore. I drove home in my wetsuit and jumped straight in the shower because it was too cold to change. Youth, wasted on the young.

I tore my wetsuit on these rocks, but not today. I just came to take some photos. The place was empty, then not long, I had company 🙂

The wait
First wave
Into the grove

I took these with the Pen-F manual focus as the light and waves played with continuous auto. As his surfing got better, by focusing got better 😉
A fun filled day from my holidays last week! Back to work now.

On a big day you can ride to the beach, but not today.
Fading light – and focus

Hope you enjoyed the ride 😀

18 thoughts on “Snow to surf

  1. Liking the effect on ‘first wave’ – works well


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    1. We have two bigger (well, for us big) ski fields but they are several hours away, so Ive only skied once. The beaches are closer, mates and I would head down a few times a week.


  2. Surfing while there’s snow on the mountains … that sound way too adventurous for me! We also watch the surfers regularly on the west coast of South Africa and I’m confident they must be the people with the most patience I have ever seen! Waiting and waiting (and more waiting) for the perfect wave 😄. Once again, stunning photo’s!

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    1. Thanks heaps 😀 I used to surf, it was worth the wait for a good wave, even with snow on the mountain! Now I’m soft and sensible, unless there’s a mountain bike under me 😉

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  3. winter in our small isles are always a picture of differences.

    I grew up near the mountains in the North Island of NZ but now I live in the city in the same island but there is no snow up here, but there is surf on the West Coast beaches (a stones throw from Aussie!)

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    1. Indeed Catherine, I’ve never visited NZ but it is likely our next overseas – or over the ditch – destination. I think of it as a bigger version of Tassie, there seem to be many similarities. Airfares are cheaper to NZ than getting to some other parts of Australia!

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