Snow falls -1

(7 pics) – Last Wednesday … I was off work for a week, a little holiday 😀
The weather has, well, see for yourself…

That pic of kunanyi and the next were taken from the grassy patch pointed out from the view in the previous Welington Walk series 😀

Anyway … It cleared in the morning for a walk to the Springs and hopefully some snow with my neighbour and bestest mate in the world (he’ll like that), Ev Man.

kunanyi . Mt Wellington
Pipe dreams
kunanyi from Curtis Avenue
O’Gradys Falls Track
New up-hill bike track, not yet open

Slight diversion we’ll continue on in the next post …
Saturday, the Mountain looked like this below from NewTown.

Cheers from Tassie 😀

16 thoughts on “Snow falls -1

  1. Great photos. We heard about your snowfall on the news here in Winnipeg, Canada. It’s something we are very familiar with in our winter. I was wondering whether you would be posting about it.

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    1. Fancy that, little old Hobart! Must have been a slow news week 😉 While it snowed on and off all week, it didn’t get as low as they forecast. We are at 300m and only a small amount settled here one day. I always enjoy a bit of snow.

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