Wellington Walk – 4

(Part 4 of 4, 6 photos) – I return along the South Track to kunanyi / Mt Wellington summit after visiting “The Rocking Stone”.

Looking toward my destination from the jagged natural parapet
Sitting on the southern edge of the world, the Derwent Estuary, Tasmania

Zooming in on my home below – While you can’t see my house, it’s located in the valley just above the grassy patch at the right. Between the grass and the boulder I’m on, you can see the Curtis Avenue fire-break and make out the start of the mountain bike tracks where I have taken photos and filmed previously. It’s a LOOOONG way down 😀

Final view south before I start the return journey.
Life is tough at the top, a plant hugs the rock, beaten into submission by the wind
Another alpine plant, old and gnarled, but not giving up

Thanks for joining me, I hope you enjoyed my first adventure with the digital OM-1 way back in March. There’s now snow on the mountain as I write this in front of the fire and a few days ago I trekked past the snow line to “The Springs” with a neighbour. Perhaps that will feature in the next post …

Spurred on recently by one of you lovely regular commenters, I have started a new photography project. Maybe, it will be that next! Who knows 😉

17 thoughts on “Wellington Walk – 4

      1. Mmm, that sounds oddly just like most of the world’s governments! Actually , I take that back, most of them don’t make great financial decision either :/


  1. Amazing views! The second photo is scary. I’m not afraid of heights but I couldn’t go that close to edge. 🙂 It’s interesting how the dried roots (?) look like driftwood. This was quite an adventure!

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