Wellington Walk – 3

(Part 3 of 4, 6 photos) – On and on to “The Rocking Stone”, along the South Track from kunanyi / Mt Wellington summit.

Spot the next track marker

Above is an image showing the “track” I was following. Some care and experience is needed to navigate the terrain and protective clothing should be carried as the weather can change abruptly up here. The mountain is 1271 metres high and very exposed. There are few places to take shelter if it comes in nasty.

Looking south, next stop, Antarctica
On a little side track sits “The Rocking Stone”
Well, I presume this is it, an odd place for a rock to perch
The track seemed to peter out

I sat down to have a drink and some lunch before heading back when I was joined by a local mountain Bennetts Wallaby. They have longer and thicker fur than the one’s that live around my home. It must be a pretty tough life for them at this altitude, but it seemed healthy and curious.

One more post to go in this series on my first walk with the new digital OM-1, as I head back to the mountain summit and my car. Thanks for joining me and my new friend.

15 thoughts on “Wellington Walk – 3

  1. Such an incredible landscape! If boulders could talk! Look like they are moving towards the water in the first photo. They do appear to be pondering a trip to Antarctica. 🙂 The Rocking Stone obviously defies gravity. So magickal!

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    1. I tried to capture just how little the rocking stone is contacting the bottom stones, it has a very small footprint! I’m surprised no one’s pushed it over, I expect it’s very heavy but doesn’t look like it would take much for it to roll.

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  2. That Wallaby is so cute! The rock formations up there are amazing, so many of them are vertical too, the rocking stone seems perched on just to points. Great series, Tone!

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    1. There’s no grass, that’s for sure! There are plenty of flowers in spring, I’m hoping to get back up there when they are out and take some shots from the top of the Organ Pipes.

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