Up the back

Lucky for them she’s old and slow, my little Tassie Devil, Stormy scouting ahead on a fungi hunt.

Gold! A lovely little group exploding after more rain

This one wasn’t taken with the 60mm macro, it’s a single image handheld with the 14-150 @ 150mm, Pen-F. I toned down the full vivid colour in camera as it was way overboard.

8 thoughts on “Up the back

    1. Thanks John, this is turning out to be one of the biggest little group of blue fungi I’ve found! The car is /was a Canadian built GM, probably burnt in the 1967 bushfires here. The critters are Pademelons, a type of small furry wallaby – like kangaroo. We are over run with them now.

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      1. Maybe they need to be hunted legally for a while until the population thins out a bit?

        The color of the fungi is so different from anything I’ve ever seen.

        Too bad about the GM car! My family is now retired from it, but we used to own three General Motors dealrships. I am a bit biased and have always driven GM products.

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      2. That is one, if not the only downside to our strict gun laws in Australia, so few people have guns and hunt now. At least our school children don’t live on fear though! I used to shoot, I still own a compound bow but it is illegal to hunt animals with it in Tassie. It really is a wasted resource here, considering it is the most environmentally friendly meat you could possibly eat here.

        Since driving an L series Subaru back in the 90’s, we are a Subaru family since. There are currently 3 in the family, with constant 4 wheel drive they are the safest car on the road. In 30 odd years, I have only once been let down by a clutch cable failing, but I still got home! It’s a shame they no longer make a ute – or a van, I might have to buy a Toyota as I want a ute next, but I still love my old 2007 Impreza, it just keeps going!

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      3. Subaru is very popular here too, I se them on the road almost daily. They do have a great safety record too. I used to have a concealed carry license years ago but have sold all of my guns. The problem with tough gun laws is that the law ensures that the crooks have the guns, and the cops. What are citizens supposed to use, a big knife? Killers will always find a way to do their dirty deeds. Our laws aren’t tough enough on people who kill innocent children, it should be a life for a life. I can’t imagine what the parents are going through with these school shootings, so evil!

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      4. Similar arguments were used here but since the changes after Port Arthur, how many mass killings have there been in Australia? Your average gun touting criminals aren’t the ones roaming through schools mowing down innocent children, they generally shoot other criminals. Being tough on mass murderers after the fact won’t be a disensentive as most of the evil ones are prepared to die when they do these things anyway. Like here, there doesn’t need to be an outright ban on all guns, just restrictions on the type available – there’s no need for fully automatic high powered weapons in society. Things like a licencing system with pre-checks, wait times and a requirement to be a member of an approved gun club before you can acquire a gun would help. It will likely take a long time to control guns in America compared to Australia, but you are fighting your own war at the moment. Gun ownership should be a privilege, not a right, much like driving is.


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