Parrot patrol

As I pulled up at home to unload my car, I heard a commotion in my man-fern garden right next to me. The parrots were feeding! These colourful birds always fly off when-ever they see me. I had the Pen-F in a bag on the passenger seat (who doesn’t right?) Luckily the 14-150 (300mm equivalent for full frame) was attached. I moved slowly getting it out, off with the radio, window down, please stay there …

I’m sure the Yellow Rosella (Platycercus elegans flaveolus) knew I was in the car, they played hide and seek, taking little peeks, still feeding, I waited.

I knew there was more than one, but I couldn’t see the others, so I kept waiting …. can you spot a second one hiding below?

They gradually became more comfortable with my presence but the evening light was fading fast!

In the shot below, you can see four of them! There ended up being six parrots when another couple few in. Some things are worth the wait.

I’m on a weeks holiday (yay me!), the weather is rubbish with wind, rain and snow every day, but I’ve been out taking photos and have quite a back log. I have had other tasks so haven’t had time for editing and blogging. Thanks for visiting 😀

26 thoughts on “Parrot patrol

  1. They are beautiful birds, Tone! Great photos, I love how you sort of stumbled on them in your Man-Fern garden. Enjoy your holiday in spite of the weather. It was 105F here today and will get hotter soon. 🔥😂

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    1. They often fly out as I round the corner of the house, it was great and unexpected that they stayed, I don’t mind them trimming my ferns. Went for a 9 km walk up past the snow line yesterday, blog post eventually, I’m playing catch up 😉

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      1. Photography also opens our eyes to so many things that would make a good picture — things that many other people wouldn’t even notice. I think it makes our lives richer, frame by frame.

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      2. Absolutely agree, I see the world differently when I’m looking for photos, notice much more. Even when I’m driving for work and can’t stop for a photo, I’m looking at the light of the sky, particles in the air, how it wraps differently and changes around the mountain, hills and valley’s. I often wonder if anyone else is noticing these things.

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  2. Beautiful birds, you can see from the first that their colors are amazing, too bad it got dark so quickly – but still great.
    After your post about the Pen F, I also looked around on eBay, but few to find and expensive. I have an X100 original, it also has a vintage look and feel, but the Pen F does indeed look much better and its performance is also x 100 🙂
    Enjoy your holiday !

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    1. Thanks Marc, you can tell the light was diminishing in the images. I looked on eBay too for a Pen-F but most were still expensive from Japan – or America with ridiculous postage! I got mine on Gumtree – an Australian local Buy and sell site – there may be something similar where you are … I couldn’t find out on your blog and then got distracted by your posts! Particularly the TG6 vs TG3, another camera I’ve been contemplating for more rugged adventures and very nearly bought but went for a GoPro7 instead for the Franklin Rafting trip. Reading your posts, we think similarly about gear, the newest isn’t always the best 😉

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      1. Well, I use eBay because I then have access from Belgium to the entire European Union – excluding the UK, because of Brexit we have to pay import tax there – also on second-hand – not a smart move by the British.
        The Olympus Pen is currently to hard or to expensive to get,
        but no worries, I have my eye on a fairly new E-M1 MKII – you recommended it to me a while ago, and I think it is indeed a good move – that is… until the prices of the OM1 are a bit lower 🙂
        The GoPro7 is definitely better than the TG series, but for me, because I do bushcraft, I can protect the TG better because mine has a UV filter and lens cap on it, and the built-in zoom has its advantages too. It’s all about choices, and the GoPro 7 is definitely a good choice.

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      2. The EM5 II is closer handling wise to the PEN-F (has metal dials too) but lower spec than both and cheaper. Still a great camera and comparable images but it depends on your priorities and what you plan to shoot. The previous owner of my Pen-f bought it new from America.

        The GoPro also takes RAW still images too but doesn’t have a great dynamic range or optical zoom and is a bit clumsy to change settings – so if your focus is on stills, the TG is a better choice. I went for GoPro because it is smaller and better for video down a raging river 🙂 I have screen and lens protectors all around and two slip on orange cases, one thick foamy that floats and can take a decent hit on a rock, and a silicon one which is good on the bike. They have different uses where each shines.

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  3. Super photos! Parrot in the third photo is thinking, “Let me get a closer look at this guy. Hmm, he seems to know what he’s doing.” And in the fourth photo, “Is this pose OK?” And the one hiding, “Count me in!” 😀
    Such vibrant colours! Amazing that the ferns are still green even though it’s snowing.


    1. Thanks Morgaine 🙂 It’s amazing the ferns are green because the parrots keep eating them!! But I’m more than happy to give them a feed for a photo 😀 The bush is loving this weather, it’s been pretty dry for a few years here so is loving a really good soaking! Me, not so much 😉

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