Around the block

A few from close to home, I am so lucky to live here, just 7km from the Hobart GPO. The images here and in the previous post are almost unedited jpegs from the PEN-F, except for minor level adjustments.

It’s great to be able to easily and quickly manipulate the image in camera and save a heap of time on the PC! Still playing and learning, the OM-1 keeps getting left at home!

Speaking of the GPO, if all goes well, I hope to bring you a special treat next week, I have arranged exclusive assess inside the clock tower! I have no idea what to expect, but am very excited at this rare and privileged opportunity.

6 thoughts on “Around the block

    1. Yes, I’ve always tended to include colour. I have a (bad?) habit of trying to cram as much information into a photo as I can. Sometimes things are best left to the imagination of the viewer.

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