Maroonhood Orchids

(4 images) Pterostylis pedunculata (I think) – Similar but smaller than the Orchid in my previous post, the dark colour from the tip extends back further. These are in the same valley, but about 150m lower down near the creek and in more shade. I spotted them quite by accident – I felt the staring at me!!

A few minutes later, while taking fungi photos (coming in the next post), I don’t know how I spotted these about 10 metres off! There was quite a bit of wind and they were moving about a fair bit. I had to wait for the lulls and even then, they were rarely still, having a little dance to celebrate life!

12 thoughts on “Maroonhood Orchids

    1. Thank you ☺️ Some of the 220 species of orchid in Tasmania only grow here, some in only very small areas/patches and are very rare! I’ve really only started to find out about them this year, amazingly diverse and pretty 😍

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      1. Thank you so much for your lovely reply message 👌🌷🙏 World’s one of
        the beautiful Orchid farm in Langkawi , Malaysia 👍🏻🌷I traveled Langkawi
        2days , no-time to see Orchids 😊🌷🥀Happy Tuesday 👏

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