Fungi, moss, slime-mold

Sunday afternoon I headed down to the rivulet. In the first two hours I saw nothing I considered worth photographing, though it was still beautiful, composition failed me. I felt uninspired, but happy pottering around relaxing in nature, listening to the bubbling rivulet. I considered it was still worthwhile, just to get into the bush, even if I left empty handed.

It was getting close to dinner time, I decided to head home. Then, even though I had been looking before, I suddenly began seeing. The orchids in the previous post, and this diverse little selection here. Maybe I’d just been trying too hard.

The last two are “Slime-Molds” – Tubifera sp., if you don’t know anything about these (like me) and have a spare three minutes … watch this – mind blown!

8 thoughts on “Fungi, moss, slime-mold

  1. Fabulous fungi! The second one looks like a gemstone. The slime mould looks like caviar. Watching the video (definitely mind-blowing), the mould seems like a cross between plant and animal. Like something you would see on Star Trek. Maybe the aliens are already amongst us. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Morgaine, I thought caviar too! I visited them again yesterday, they have only changed a little, this is the “fruiting” stage of Slime Mould aliens 👾 Soon they will take over the world 🌎 😱

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