Being seen

Please, when driving, don’t think of how well you can see, but how well you can BE SEEN. In this fairly average photo, there is a car with it’s headlights on. you can see it right? There’s also a car without it’s headlight on. Can you see it? You can click to zoom.

If it’s dim, grey, raining, you drive a grey or dark car, ride a bike … please turn your headlights on. It may save your life .. or someone else’s.

Stay safe ๐Ÿ™‚

13 thoughts on “Being seen

      1. Absolutely, your life and those around you are really on the line every time you drive. I donโ€™t understand the need for some people to get in front of you, no matter what, to save 5 second on a journey! Madness, itโ€™s not a race track!!

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  1. I was drawn to this post because of the image. I love taking photos through the car window when it’s raining (as a passenger, of course). But when I read your words… WOW! Such a very important message.

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    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the effect of focusing on the raindrops on a car window with the distant lights out of focus, reminds me of childhood days, looking out my bedroom window on a rainy day.

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