(10 photos) – While the previous post featured Hobart Cityscapes, we now move a little closer with some Streetscapes! A collection of street shots taken over the past year.

Welcome to down town Hobart, Tasmania.

Elizabeth Street Pier
Hobart Waterfront
Liverpool Carpark. (It used to be a street!)
Davey Street
Brisbane Street (new Uni accommodation buildings in distance)
Mole Street
Bathurst Street
Collins Street (fire truck blocking road)
Liverpool Street, blocked off after the Brunswick Hotel fire.
Liverpool Carpark partially reopened.
Elizabeth Street Bus Mall from the Hobart GPO.

I don’t do a lot of this type of photography as I prefer to be out in the natural world, but looking at these, I should capture my home town more often. There’s plenty more to see!

I hope you enjoyed a little feel of Australia’s southern most capital city.

12 thoughts on “Hobart streets

  1. I agree, you should do more street and city photography! Your hometown is a big town. You say there’s a carpark there but I see a street? That’s terrible that the hotel burned. 😞

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    1. Thanks John, I shouldn’t complain about Hobart traffic, even when it’s bad it’s not like a daily drive through Sydney. Due to the terrain and early planning, there are many bottle necks that can cause traffic to back up and one incident can stop the city moving.
      The Council created an unnecessary one here by converting it to single lane with 15 min free parking on both sides, a taxi zone and no loading zones. Hence, I jokingly refer to it as a carpark. Normally I avoid it but I have to drive through it twice every day for work. It can take 15 -20 mins some dats to get through.


    1. I have to remind myself that this blog has a more international audience than I’m used to on social media and you likely haven’t seen it before 😀 I’ll have to make more of an effort to photograph that side of it more, there are many pretty older suburbs and buildings.

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