Hobart Tasmania.

I dug through the archives to select some shots of my favorite city for this post (I may be biased). A diverse variety of images to show Hobart in it’s different moods, dating back a few years, taken on different cameras and phones in no particular order.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy living here 🙂

This is Hobart, my home.

Thanks for visiting, hopefully Tasmania will be open to the world again soon 🙂
Stay safe and enjoy life!

27 thoughts on “Hobart Tasmania.

  1. Thank you for posting these photos of Hobart. I knew of Hobart for decades but had no way of imagining what it was like. In later years, I came to think of commercial dishwashers whenever Hobart was mentioned and that association does nothing for improving my opinion of what Hobart, the city, might look like. It’s a perfectly situated city in that bay. The views from your camera are spectacular.


    1. Thank you, it has one of the deepest ports in the Southern Hemisphere. Most of these photos are a few years old and quite a few new buildings have been added in the last 3-4 years, though Council has set a height limit, so no fancy high-rises for us! Thank goodness 😀 I think the Hobart mixers and dishwashers have a pretty good reputation in the commercial cooking world.

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      1. Ha Ha, what would I know … “Hobart was founded in the USA and today is widely respected throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of commercial catering equipment.”
        I always thought there was another Hobart in Canada, but after just searching, it’s in Indiana (lesson learnt), founded over 80 years after Tasmania’s. Thanks for the prompt to look 🙂

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