White Orchids

Probably Caladenia alpina

26 thoughts on “White Orchids

  1. I really like orchids a lot. I try to buy one every year at this time when they are on sale. Just got a pinkish purple one. I wish they would have some of the more unique ones for sale here but they don’t – unless you go to an expensive nursery. But I’m happy with the ones I have so far. I really enjoy seeing all the different types of them on your posts, Tone.

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    1. Thank you πŸ˜€ I have three on my deck – but don’t collect the wild ones because that would be wrong. Two are quite large family heirlooms – I will post photos shortly, waiting for the second one’s flowers to open up, the other is a small one given to me by a neighbour, which I haven’t seen flower yet.

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      1. I once saw an exhibition of orchids and was amazed at all the types. Would love to have one of each! But it was then that I realized that they don’t all look like the standard ones for sale at our local Costco. I understand about not collecting the wild ones, but wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow propagate them? Maybe take a cutting or root part or however they spread – I’m note even sure how they do that.

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      2. I have to admit being tempted with the more prolific ones and they are just up the hill from me so local, but I’m happy to find them in the wild. I’m in a Tassie Orchid group on Facebook and some of the ones they find are truely weird and absolutely stunning!

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