Pony portraits

Why the long face?

It’s been very wet here and though “The Boy’s” have good shelter available, for some reason they stand out in the rain and get soaked!

While feeding them a generous amount of their favourite chaff and tummy filling hay to keep them warm, I attempted some portraits with my phone, though they weren’t very cooperative, they kept nagging me for more chaff!

Whenever I pat these guys, for some reason … I feel a little horse!
Yeah, they do look like Donkey from Shrek don’t they? – might be the wide angle lens πŸ˜€

Anyway, one of us had to trot off to work – to buy more chaff and hay, damn wallabies keep eating all the grass!

Out take – just horsing around!

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed the ride πŸ˜€

14 thoughts on “Pony portraits

    1. Thanks John, we went into a snap lockdown yesterday afternoon – some muppet from the mainland deliberately escaped quarantine here. The traffic was terrible with panic buying beforehand, not helped by bad weather. Saturday and home now, all’s good πŸ˜€

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      1. Wow, I’m glad you and yours are OK. We don’t have those lockdowns here, but the mask mandate was reinstated by the Nevada Governor. Everyone wears a mask but otherwise, it’s life as usual here.

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      2. This is only the second time we’ve had covid in the state, the first was at the very start, we’ve been very lucky to carry on relatively normal amongst ourselves. It doesn’t affect me much as I work in an essential service.
        I think double vaccination in the state is nearing 70%, so I would expect they will probably let it run it’s course around Christmas time. our Premier has said Tasmania won’t open right up until 90% are fully vaccinated.

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      3. I see, so your locked down like our Canadian neighbors. I’ve flown home to Michigan last May and am flying back in December for the family Christmas. We haven’t all been together since 2019. Sucks!

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    1. At least it wasn’t too cold yesterday, they’ve started shedding their winter coat which makes them look rattier than usual. I’d best go feed them breakfast now! Here’s a pun I missed … they’re currently down at the … neighbours πŸ˜€

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