Orchid – Chiloglottis triceratops

(4 images, click to enlarge) –
Second find of the day, these low lying orchid are scattered in large clumps about the forest, though most are yet to bud. Initially not easy to see amongst the leaf litter, even though I know where to look from the previous day’s walk.

And surprise, a few more fungi finds …

I think this last one is actually a slime mould – they were tiny!!

8 thoughts on “Orchid – Chiloglottis triceratops

  1. So unusual! The orchid looks like it is serving caviar. The red fungi appears to still be wearing it’s winter woolly coat. And I’m renaming the slime mould orange gem. 😀

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    1. Thanks for the comment, I like your slime mould re-naming convention,made me smile 😀 I didn’t think of caviar but you are right, i liked the way the sun was reflecting off them – coincidentally I thought like little gems 💎!

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    1. Thanks, these images were taken with the Oly 60mm macro, 15 images focus stacked to get more depth in focus. There was a bit of wind so some of the longer stemmed orchids have a little ghosting around the edges, only noticeable zoomed in.

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