Orchid – Pterostylis pedunculata

(4 photos, click to enlarge)
Instead of going for a ride, I set off for another walk, nose to the ground – with a charged battery in the Olympus. I found a quite a few of these orchids, and a few other varieties to come in following posts …

And a fungi find.

14 thoughts on “Orchid – Pterostylis pedunculata

    1. Thanks, Im only beginning to learn about them. Until last year I’d only ever noticed a little white one up here in over 25 years, I was probably stepping on them with my orchid eyes closed, even though I have been scouring the ground for fossils and fungi in the same areas. Quite enlightening.

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      1. I happened to learn a little bit about orchids when our local mall had an orchid exhibition and I saw that there were so MANY kinds of orchids (something I hadn’t known). I wanted them all!


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