Orchid – Pterostylis williamsonii

(5 photos, click to enlarge) –
There are three Pterostylis orchids that are very similar, I think I have identified it correctly from the colour of the stype. I only found three of these scattered near the trail along the top of the ridge. They are very hard to spot, with several small flowers growing on a tall grass like stem.

And something a little brighter … with ants.

Thanks for visiting – greetings from Tasmania!

17 thoughts on “Orchid – Pterostylis williamsonii

      1. But that’s what you have to do sometimes. I remember walking through the woods with a friend one day and she stopped every so often to point out something special, as I did too. Then at some point I said, “Do you realize all the things you’ve noticed are eye level and higher and all the things I’ve noticed are ground level.” I’m not sure what my point is, but different people see different things, and you do have to dawdle a bit or miss them.

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      2. Absolutely. Because I’ve walked in the same patch of bush for near 30 years, I tend to see the same things from habit, expectation and taking tings for granted. Orchids are a new observation to me but I expect they’ve always been there and being a photographer I consider myself probably more observant than the average walker. I like taking visitors up there and see how they see the place, especially if they’re into photography too.

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      1. My daughter spotted them first. And then sat on one. Fortunately there were quite a lot, so it wasn’t a large fraction of the population squashed.
        Maybe next year for the orchid show. 🙂

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