Blue take two

So many compositions in a little cluster, second edit from day two. I went up there again today, irresistible.

It’s all in the detail: 100% crop from first image, click to zoom.

14 thoughts on “Blue take two

    1. Thank you, it would make a beautiful hem on a faerie skirt for sure! I was a little hesitant to push the colours vibrance as far as I did but the detail held up. The younger one are bluer too.

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      1. Wow and Wow! Every photo is stunning! The variety of scenes and subjects is amazing. I looked at the entire album and just when I thought I couldn’t be more surprised, I was. 🙂 At first glance, I thought the aero rubra was a sea creature coming out of it’s shell. Absolutely Fabulous! Thank you so much for the link!

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      2. My pleasure and thanks for your words! I’m glad you found the fungi album, plenty of inspiration there. The Asero rubra are pretty amazing, I haven’t seen them again for ages but keep checking the spots I found them, they like lots of wet then warm days and only last about three days. They were also the first Tasmanian fungi recorded by Europeans when the French visited (Research Bay) before Cook.

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