Sorry to interrupta

Sick of them yet? Here’s three more blue Mycena photos.

The image below is made up of 28 RAW images from two different focus brackets. The first shot captured the caps and closer detail, the second focused on the translucent stem and was backlit with my phone’s LED from a distance. I edited, layered and stacked them in Photoshop.

I pictured the final result in my mind as I took the two sets, the most technical fungi image from the outset I’ve ever created.

Below is a single image that went into the photo above. You can see there is a very narrow depth of focus.

These are still from day two – today marks day five of my visits, plenty more to edit!

7 thoughts on “Sorry to interrupta

    1. Thanks John, self taught mostly just by playing around, or looking things up as I have an idea and hit a wall. Learn only one or two things at a time, next day do them again and learn another new one or two. I also take notes for reference sometimes. I’m still learning 😀

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