Blue your mind

Back to the blue patch of magic today … in the rain, lucky the Olympus is weather proof, it got wet. 1067 images later – (36 focus stacked), I’ve selected 8 to edit from RAW as detailed in my last post. It’s time consuming but the results … well, I’ll let you decide.

Eight to hopefully blow your socks off – here’s the first.

The round grey balls, they’re baby Mycena interupta! I hope to watch them grow every day for the next week or so and photograph them.

Thanks for visiting my little world, why not follow along 😀

6 thoughts on “Blue your mind

    1. I’m glad you noticed the little pool which formed as it rained on me, the detail is pretty amazing zoomed in. They were a bit dryer today, I’m tempted to take a mist sprayer up tomorrow to help them out, though a little sprinkle fell today. They mostly grow in autumn and winter but it really depends on the weather.

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