More mountain magic

(Part 4, 5 photos) – We head back down to lake level and continue on the circuit, blue skies overhead and the mountain constantly changing.

There are a few lovely small pebbly beaches scattered around Dove Lakes shoreline.

The view from on top of Glacier Rock was much clearer than our previous visit in September!

And to finish off our first day, one final shot of Cradle Mountain, before heading back to our accommodation for debriefing.

Join us again in the next post, as we continue on another epic day walk and a few shorter ones, in Cradle Country.

7 thoughts on “More mountain magic

    1. The “arm” bit that reaches into the lake in the middle of the photo looked pretty moist with waterholes from the track (the last “beach” photo is from the far side of that arm), but the sloping hills are mostly rocky and solid. The lake circuit is reasonably flat, there’s a other longer much steeper track along the ridges – maybe next time we visit? 😃

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