Day two starts slowly

(Part 5, 7 Photos, click to enlarge) – After an evening meal at Peppers Lodge and a night of mirth and merriment, most of us hit the trails felling a little dusty around 10am. We warmed up and cleared our heads on some short local walks – Enchanted Forest, King Billy forest walk (both done in September).

It was at the end of these that the view to Cradle Mountain opened up and I met a fellow Olympus owner. After a brief chat about our gear – we were both using the 14-150mm lens, I hurried on to catch my group!

We crossed the road where the next stop was Pencil Pine Falls, with a subtle rainbow dancing in the mist.

We continued down though some lovely country to Knyvet Falls.

I was out-voted on continuing with the Dove Canyon Circuit, we retraced back to the road, around to the Ranger’s Station and …. headed for Ronny Creek!

Join us in the next post as we continue on our Tasmanian wilderness adventure.

14 thoughts on “Day two starts slowly

    1. Thanks John, it looked as if someone had put green carpet over everything. I did not take any pics in King Billy forest this time, it looked better in the mist last time when I went kind of nuts taking photos 😉

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    1. Thanks Jane, the mossy area beside the creek sure was pretty! I don’t tend to do many abstract shots and nearly didn’t publish the water photos so thanks for the feedback 😀

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