Cradle of Life

(Part 3, 7 photos) – We continue on with our Dove Lake Circuit hike in Cradle Mountain National Park – World Heritage area.

You could almost believe life started here, this place is so beautiful, it must be enchanted. Perhaps it all began on a tiny rock in a lake?

Deep in the Ballroom Forest, there’s not much room for dancing!

Some of our party took a steep side trip up to Lake Wilks. I took the following photos with my phone using panorama mode to fit in the scenery!

Join us in the next post as we finish up our walk around Dove Lake.

9 thoughts on “Cradle of Life

    1. Thanks Morgaine, there are a few signs we’ve been there, can you believe they even considered mining in the area back in the day? Thankfully someone who appreciated the beauty bought property in the area and fought for it to become a National Park.
      I thought the same thing about the trees dancing 💃 lol.

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