Dove Lake circuit continued …

(Part 2, 8 Photos, click to zoom) – We continue on our trek toward Cradle Mountain around Dove Lake. The monolithic “Weindorfers Tower” (1459m) looms before us with a thin veil of cloud as if it is too shy to show itself to us fully.

The sun peaks through small breaks in the cloud, highlighting “Honeymoon Islands” at the far end of Dove Lake.

Dappled sunlight also dances on the foothills Cradle Mountain. For future reference, some of us will take a detour from the Dove Lake Circuit up to Lake Wilks – in the depression under the right hand side peak – “Weindorfers Tower”. The peak to the left is called “Little Horn” (1355m).

Dove lake is one of the few places in Tasmania that the endemic Fagus grows in patches of abundance, our only deciduous native tree. Unfortunately we missed it’s brief, full autumn glory by a few weeks and only a few remnant wilting leaves remained on some branches, while many decorated the ground under the trees.

The shot below overlooks “Ballroom Forest”. The cliffs behind it are covered in Fagus and would have looked spectacular … well, even more spectacular!

Perhaps I went overboard on the “peak” shots because we didn’t get to see them last September, but the are pretty special and dominating backdrop to Dove Lake.

If your not sick of Cradle Country yet, there’s more to come in the next post, so make like a leaf … and drop by again! 😀

All images in this post taken using Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II with the versatile and very capable ED 14-150mm F4.0-5.6 II lens.

7 thoughts on “Dove Lake circuit continued …

    1. Thanks Morgaine, I often find it a struggle to loose the information of colour in images, but sometimes one just screams at me to be mono and that was one such shot. Discussions in our group are leading to another visit there next year, so I hope we can time it with the beautiful autumn colours of the Fagus leaves still on the trees.

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