Return to Cradle Country

(Part1, 7 photos) – Eight of us spent the long weekend at Cradle Mountain, with weather much clearer than our foggy visit last September, we hiked and explored the area – and this time, saw the rugged peaks!

We stayed in the quaint, rustic at Highland Cottages where breakfast was watched over by the local long-beaked Currawong and a few of his mates, staring through the window eagerly looking for scraps.

After breakfast and a bus-ride, we set off for a walk around Dove Lake with glimpses of sunshine through cloud and a light breeze at our backs. Anti-clockwise, first stop, the infamous and much photographed boat-shed.

On and on …

Calmer waters greeted us as we moved further around the lake.

Though I kept an eye out for fungi the whole trip, I spotted very little, but this tiny red one growing over lichen beside the track caught my eye.

We headed onward and upward, and closer the Cradle Mountain.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the view so far, visit again to see where the path leads us …

6 thoughts on “Return to Cradle Country

    1. It is a very special and magic place Morgaine, I’m almost ashamed to say it’s only the third time I’ve visited!
      They were pretty small but a reasonable size cluster right beside some steps made them easy to spot. They would be close to the smallest I have seen, though I think the slime-mould would have be smaller. Thanks for sharing in my visit 😀

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