Furry friends

I live with some real animals!

Snowy, the shy sweetie.

Sporting his shaggy winter coat and free flowing fringe, Snowy the pony is cautious and timid. Even after years of hand feeding him, it’s very rare that I can pat him, but he will come running up for a handful of sweet chaff, carrots or apples.

Trajan- the backyard bully

Rocking his natural bangs, big bad boy Trojan rules the paddocks. He’s very friendly and loves a big pat or a scratch behind the ears. And food! I have to put two piles of hay out otherwise he pushes poor old Snowy out of the way :/

Stormy – the slumbering protector.

Don’t let her closed eyes fool you. One noise out of place and Storm will be on full alert, barking out warnings until any perceived threat has gone – and then bark some more just in case! She loves us but hates anyone else, even regular visitors. A known menace who unfortunately can’t be trusted, bu does make for a great guard dog who’s teeth have been tested.

7 thoughts on “Furry friends

    1. Despite being in her senior years, at 16, she still has remarkably good and sharp teeth too! She usually suffers the indignity of being ushered into a bedroom before we open the front door 🐕


  1. I’m amazed at the shiny coat on Stormy. And after reading about him I can better understand the saying, “Let sleeping dogs lie.” He looks so lovely when he’s sleeping!
    The pony looks like a real sweetheart too.

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    1. Stormy continually amazes me, though her eyesight and hearing seems to be failing she remains ever vigilant and over protective! Though I tell her I love her “this much“, (squeezing my finger and thumb tightly together), I will miss her immensely on the day she doesn’t wake up.

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