Fungi Frenzy

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They say variety is the spice of life. Then Fungi must be spice! I had only an hour to hunt before work today but what a rewarding safari it was. A bit further down the rivulet than the other day, I bagged a few fine trophies and then found something rather special!
But first, in order of shots on the way …

Not that these aren’t special, right?

I was astonished to find this large wonderful cluster of pink fungi flowing down a crack in a log lying down the bank in prime condition, clearly tended to by faeries!

Below is a background shot from the S20 showing my Macro setup – not that the tripod is exactly set up, but you do what you’ve got to do! Sometimes the camera is directly on muddy ground, levelled with a stick. Luckily the EM1 II is “weather proof” and doesn’t mind being gently hosed off.

There was fungi literally everywhere! Though they weren’t all this pretty, it was a task to not step on them at times. Much of the ground was covered with thin spaghetti like fungi.

Eyes eagerly darting about, I easily spotted my next prey. A few smatterings of bright fire orange coral fungi, though small, were hard to miss. Shot taken.

Next, as I honed in on my ultimate reward, I spotted this sneaky slime mould on the underside of a log.

And finally, just a tease of my super special find ….

Continued next post …. 😛
Thanks for visiting and viewing,
Cheers from Tone, Tasmania.

All images shot with Olympus EM1 II, 60mm macro lens, 15 images focus stacked in camera, only minimal sharpening and slight level adjustment applied in Photoshop, resize and watermarked.

15 thoughts on “Fungi Frenzy

    1. Thanks, it’s always fun trying to find interesting compositions and often challenging place the camera where I want it to capture their natural beauty.

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    1. Thanks again, I often struggle with what to write, occasionally it just flows so I go with it, sometimes after placing the photos when I’m stuck for words. I appreciate your encouragement, it lets me know I’m on the right track – for you at least 😀


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