More Mycena Madness

(7 photos, click to enlarge) –
Until this week, I had only seen one or two Mycena Interupta at a time and gotten pretty excited with every find. Imagine my joy at discovering this single log, covered with them at varying stages of growth and decay!

The worst thing was I only had an hour down in the valley before work and I’d already spent 40 minutes before I found this. So, a few very quick compositions and I literally had to run!

The best thing is I know exactly where to go next time 😀 It’s also very close to where the tiny red slime moulds I photographed last year were – but there’s no sign of those now.

I took these on Thursday and haven’t had a chance to return but aim to again soon. As it hasn’t rained since, I don’t expect they will last very long.

I hope you enjoyed the madness as much as I enjoyed finding it!
Thanks for visiting.

18 thoughts on “More Mycena Madness

    1. Thanks John, these ones are tiny indeed! I wish I’d had more time to explore this little fungi forest and get some more photos. I hope to get back there soon.

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    1. Thanks Anneli, I do adjust the levels and add some vibrance to bring out the colour but try to keep it natural and not oversaturated so as to not loose detail. The pattern in the cap is deep and intricate, especially when they’re moist. They look somewhat like eyes! I hoped to get some super closeup shots but ran short on time – hopefully next visit 🙂

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    1. Thanks Michael, thought its tempting, I try to avoid over-saturating them to maintain detail and keep them natural looking. Some are a more intense blue than others, I’m not sure if it’s light, moisture or something else.

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Rebecca, I often mean to take behind the scene shots but usually forget to take them! While it’s beautiful deep in the valley, I find it hard to convey a wider view in camera successfully.


    1. Thank you, when they are at their best, the are moist and the stems are translucent. We have fungi here that do glow in the dark but I’ve yet to find one :/


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