More mushies

(4 photos) – While looking for the tiny blue parasols in my previous post, many other fungi revealed themselves. I only took a few of the more interesting ones as time was limited and I was trying to focus my energy on the beautiful Mycena.

Earth Stars hiding under leaves
Life in the cracks
Orange fruit
A small group of fun guy’s!

Thanks for visiting and viewing, greetings from Tasmania!

9 thoughts on “More mushies

    1. They are puff balls full of spores in the centre, which come out like a brown cloud when disturbed or when they rot. There are a few similar types of fungi around here, though these are the most interesting to look at.

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  1. The earth stars are so unusual. I love the orange one. I was weeding in the back garden this morning and found the remains of large fungi, Ganoderma applanatum (artist’s bracket), in what was left of a large tree that had been cut down many years ago.

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    1. Many of the fungi around here like disturbed soil, so some grow on the edges of the tracks and are easy to find. They each seem to like certain micro climates, soil or tree types, exposure to sun/shade and specific weather patterns that may only occur every few years! Most only live or are at their best for a day or two, so some luck is involved in finding them. Sounds like you had some luck too 😀

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