Technical issues

Hi, I haven’t posted for a bit. Apart from enjoying life and working, I’m working through a PC / server issue which happened while backing up files. I’ll spare the details but it involves all my stored data INCLUDING PHOTOS, normally on three 8TB hard drives (2 mirrored, 1 offline)… I currently only have one with data which has an error and the server is right now checking, fixing and verifying … hopefully! C’mon CHKDSK, you can do it!!

Aging server being retired

Most of my files are also stored on smaller removable HDD’s … all except a few months worth of photos 🤔

Soon to be gutted mess.

I’m going to rebuild this “vintage” 2008 first gen i7 PC (still my daily driver) into the server case and use it for storage instead.

Lesson … backup regularly, and backup your backup!!

5 thoughts on “Technical issues

  1. You’ve got to backup frequently. My photos are both on an external SSD and in the cloud too. I haven’t seen a tower in years it seems, use only the MacBoook. I hope you get this sorted. 😎

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