Pelverata Falls

Enjoyed a walk with the wife today into Pelverata Falls, around a 9km 3hr return hike which starts of on easy fire trails, lulling one into a false sense of security as the track gradually narrows, gets bumpier and eventually has you scrambling over loose rock scree’s and steep slabs to view the “falls”.

Fungi spotted on the way in – 60mm macro.
EM1 II with Laowa 7.5mm lens

I use the term “falls” here very loosely, as there wasn’t any water falling on our visit.

Samsung S20 HDR panorama
Samsung S20 HDR panorama

Return view toward Pelverata, with the rocky track on the right – not the worst of it, but an enjoyable little adventure. Pelverata is located in a valley between Longley and Huonville, south of Hobart.

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