Monday was a day of leisure, a public holiday for the Hobart Regatta. What better way to spend it – than send it on a big mountain bike ride along a great track with a great bunch of likeminded folk!

When we arrived at The Springs carpark, the excitement began, greeted by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter roaring over-head and landing near the old Hotel site while we unloaded bikes and prepared ourselves.

A group photo under an overcast kunanyi / Mount Wellington before departure, taken by a kind passer-by: Tim, Tone, Ev, HD, Sam and Nat.

The power of water! An extremely washed out section of track which had to be rebuilt further upstream across one of the many creeks that feed off the mountain.

And a couple of shots on the bike – stills taken from video – we only had our phones on us and were to busy riding to take many shots 😛

We followed the Mountain bike tracks through to the Glenorchy Bike Park, then rode down Tolosa Street, onto the inter-city cycleway, back to Hobart for a lift home from Salamanca – around 35km of riding.

On a quick ride before work this morning, after leaving Ev to walk home with a flat tyre, I was confronted by a little excavator and some trackworkers at the bottom of the “Stumpside” track – fixing a very muddy, rutted section.

A new series of tracks and connector tracks is about to be built on the foothills by the Hobart City Council! Eventually 20 tracks totalling 37 km!

Click image to see full proposal.

Jolly decent of them 😀

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    1. Fortunately no! An island off the south coast of the island that is Australia makes it much easier to control who comes in. We did have a small cluster in a northern town early on and were in lockdown. We still have anti-social distancing and some restrictions but are extremely lucky.

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