Freycinet National Park

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Sunday drive – a day trip from Hobart up Tasmania’s East Coast to Coles Bay and the stunning pink-hued granite peaks of the Hazards mountains in Freycinet National Park.

The Hazards from Richardsons Beach

To really soak up and explore this area, it is best to spend at least a night here as there are some splendid long walks to enjoy. Due to work commitments, this trip was as much about the journey, as the destination.

Walk to Sleepy Bay

We enjoyed a counter-meal at the Iluka Tavern before a couple of short walks to stretch our legs.

Sleepy Bay

My type of sand – big chunky grains of granite and quartz!

Sleepy Bay

We then walked on another track that took us around Cape Tourville Lighthouse, a beautiful day but very windy. In the image below, Wineglass Bay can be seen in the distance.

South from Cape Tourville
The Nuggets, and eventually New Zealand!
North from Cape Tourville.

We then treated ourselves at The Ice Creamery Coles Bay before a leisurely 220km drive home 😛


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    1. I haven’t shown you the best beach yet … but that will have to be an over night stay in the future, it’s a bit of a walk to Wineglass Bay! The skinks are different and spotty on the East Coast to the ones near Hobart.

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