Fungi Fossicking [19 photos]

A few hours spent pottering around the Hobart Rivulet above Strickland falls on a brisk winter’s day.

kunanyi/Mt Wellington from fire break below Curtis Avenue.
Navigating a tangled mess beside the Hobart Rivulet.
Lycoperdon pyriforme
Geastrum triplex
Marsasmius genus
Lanzia lanaripes
Hobart Rivulet
Probably Cortinarius pseudorotundisporus
Probably Cortinarius pseudorotundisporus underneath
Hobart Rivulet
Similar to Hygro schistophila … but not?

A behind the scene look at capturing the fungi above, with home made tripod to get low. Sticky note with custom settings and sharpest aperture for each lens stuck on camera back.

A larger group of the same orange fungi above
Chased by a heat seeking leech! (Phone photo)
A small cascade on the Hobart Rivulet
Possibly Galerina genus
Possibly Galerina genus
Getting cold and damp, time to head home.
Last sun for Hobart as the evening draws near.

4 thoughts on “Fungi Fossicking [19 photos]

  1. Awesome! Love the fungi this year. Were you far up along the rivulet? The further you go from Lenah Valley, the better the finds I think.

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    1. Hi, thanks for you comment. On this walk I was about 200-500m above Strickland Falls on the Hobart Rivulet. I went up to the top of Lenah Valley Road a few weeks ago and was confronted by signs of no access allowed, so I walked down the river by the road instead but didn’t find many as it is more open and drier than further up under the tree canopies.


  2. Great pics mate. Been trying to identify a orange fungus I saw by the Franklin River and Surprise Creek They look like a plate fungus,  possibly. Any ideas? 

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    1. Hi, thanks for the encouragement, glad you enjoyed them 🙂
      I’m no fungi expert, just love finding them. I use Genevieve Gates & David Ratkowsky’s “A Field Guide to Tasmanian Fungi” – but some fungi are often similar looking. Could possibly be Aleuria aurantia which grows to 7cm?
      Your best bet is to join the Tasmanian Fungi Group on Facebook and ask there with an image. I think there’s also an app that can identify fungi too but I haven’t tried it … I should, probably easier than searching through the book!


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