Ralphs Bay, Lauderdale

Boring, uninteresting mudflats. At least that’s how the appear with a quick cursory glance as you drive past at 70 km. The site of a proposed residential canal development a few years ago similar to those popular in Queensland.

The thing is, there’s not that many untouched mudflats left! Fortunately after a long legal battle, the proposal was defeated.

These mudflats are home to many local and migratory birds including Oyster Catchers, Pelicans, Swans, Seagulls, Pacific gulls, waders and many others that rely on the plentiful supply of crabs and shellfish that the area provides on the receding tide. It is also home to the rare and endangered spotted hand-fish.

In a rare occurrence of good timing, as I framed the resting Pelicans, they took off and moved further along the flats so I was able to capture them in flight. A faster shutter-speed would have been better with the 14-150mm lens extended to it’s limit. The EM1 II settings were 1/320 @ f/11, ISO200.

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