Feeling a little rusty

I love photographing old things. It’s fun finding well aged items, often discarded, weathered, past their prime, sometimes still in use that have a great patina and either tell or hide a story through their interesting character. This post focuses on rusty things that I’ve found not far from home.

Even the most mundane items like these 44 gallon drums hold a strange kind of beauty with their damaged, peeling paint and years of rust bleeding orange highlighted by a low winter sun.

A gate still in use, parts of galvanize coating worn away, held together with rusty wire, a chain so worn the rust has been polished to a sheen hanging over a big rusty nail. Years of weathering, how many times has it been opened and closed?

A collection of old horse shoes hanging in the sun, some nails rusted in the holes.

An old rusty iron bedhead, now repurposed in a garden.

And to finish off, there’s five vehicle bodies I’ve found in the surrounding bush, here’s a few of them. Above is a 1950’s era Holden, back when they knew how to make chrome last!

An old truck cabin slowly rusting into the grownd, probably 1930’s era.

An old van or wagon that’s been chopped, with another angle of it below showing flame or speed like pressings on the rear mudguards. No chrome left on this one!

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