Big tree night selfie

A short walk last night resulted in this joint effort selfie taken with Evan’s Galaxy S10 Note, carefully positioned on the ground and propped up with a stick. We used our head torches also on the ground pointing up to light us and the tree, along with a 10 second delay to get into the shot. The moon was elusive and hid behind clouds but subtly illuminated the sky. Cropped slightly but otherwise unedited.

This tree is several hundred metres from our homes and was hit hard by a fuel reduction burn a few years ago. While it’s still alive, it is extensively burnt out inside and will likely not be standing much longer. There are only a handful of trees of this size/age left in the area after extensive logging when Hobart was settled and it should have been better protected.

Another great evening of adventure out in the bush.

3 thoughts on “Big tree night selfie

  1. Love how you can see the sky through the tree branches in the background even with the fore ground trunk highlighted. That burn was way too hot 😦

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  2. Further up the hill where there was more moisture and it was burnt later in the day resulted in a cooler fire and it has recovered much better. The indigenous folk could walk beside their fires but ours today are on a larger industrial scale for economic reasons. I did notice they had cleared the ground around a few other big trees on the northern face bit they missed this one near the ridge. There is a larger tree on the southern slope which didn’t get hit this time, but is badly damaged by previous fires and is very vulnerable. I’m not against the fuel reduction burns, but the need to be managed properly to protect and enhance the environment.


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