Close-up shoot-out!

Left: 14-150mm II @150mm f6.3, 1/6 sec;
Middle: 12-40mm Pro @40mm f4.5, 1/20 sec;
Right: 60mm Macro, f4, 1/8 sec

While only one of these Olympus M. Zuiko lens’ is truly a macro lens, I was interested in the quality between them at the closest range under similar conditions as I like to shoot fungi! The steel rule shows half mm increments, taken with the EM1 mark II, centre spot middle exposed and focused manually to minimum distance. Each unedited jpeg is cropped to pixel size.

After taking images throughout their aperture ranges, I picked out the sharpest, highest quality exposure for each lens, all were at ISO 200.

These tests are designed to learn how to get the absolute best possible quality from my equipment – and perhaps it will help someone else decide witch lens is for them.

I picked up the almost new pre-loved 60mm macro today – it’s not only enjoyable hunting gear, but well worth being patient for good quality hardly used equipment at nearly half the cost!

*I have not yet tested the best quality focal length for the two zoom lenses, I expect it is not at the full extremities.

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